Easter Joy lost on Imus

The Christian life is just so beautiful! This past Sunday really proved how beautiful it can be! “He is Risen! Alleluia! Amen!” The refrain raises the roof here at Peace. It didn’t matter what was happening out in the world at the moment. Right then and there a greater reality blossomed with a blessedness the whole world is vainly searching for – in all the wrong places.

And then there is Imus.

To be honest, I am so naive! I had to ask my wife what the stuff he said meant… I had no idea! The truth is I could hardly fulfill my pastoral duties without her. I wouldn’t know half of what was happening in the world without her. So hilarious!

Anyway. I just don’t understand what the attraction is in the “shock jock” genre. Of course the folks who are objecting to Imus’ comments are probably not the listeners. People fight for the “right” to say what they want and listen to what they want. It is what this country counts so precious. But notice what the fight is almost always for: to say and do that which is ungodly, obnoxious, or vain.

Thankfully God counted it his “right” to take upon himself the punishment we were to receive. Alleluia! You want a real reason to laugh? Skip Imus and hear the refrain: “He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!” It is your right! Or is it just the right thing to do?!