Supporting our Police: Necessary but Conditional

On the anniversary of the Ferguson, MO riots, our country continues to grapple with not only race relations, but the relationship between citizens and their police officers. It cannot be underestimated how important a well supported police department is to the peaceable functioning of our communities and democratic nation.

What is it that contributes to good relationships between citizens and police? Probably the most important element is a citizen body that is honorable and respectful in itself. A big question these days is if citizens of this nation are able to give respect to anyone, much less a police officer. God save us.

Another element is good government. The police force is the enforcement arm of the government. If citizens are convinced governments are trustworthy and the laws just, they will be supportive of the enforcement of that government and law. God save us.

A third condition of a supported police department is a well-trained and honorable officer core which never takes the support of the community it serves for granted. While it is true that citizens need to remember that police officers are human beings and will make mistakes, it is also true that there should be no rest for a police department in their quest to be the best and most honorable force possible. There is no substitute for a humble, wise, and exceptionally well trained officer who is bred to be a true servant of the community and its citizens. The slightest hint of a corruption, corrupted ego, or racism should never be tolerated in an officer.

The civilian must respect the officer of the law. The officers of the law must be respectable. Like a marriage, both must do their duty faithfully for justice and peace to be rightly preserved in our communities. God help us.