Beauty Pageant Requirements Confirmed

According to the news today, the crowning of Mrs. South Carolina as the Miss America Beauty Pageant winner was all because Ms. California was not very politically correct. She was evidently the “shoe in” to win until she was asked during the final competition whether she was for gay marriage and why. Why in heaven’s name THIS question should be asked (except if it was part of someone’s agenda) I don’t know!

Anyway, she shared her personal opinion (that marriage was for a man and a woman) – and because of it (according to the judge who asked the question) she lost the competition!

After watching the clip, I certainly felt sorry for the gal. She really didn’t do a great job answering the question, but it would be almost impossible for the best of us to give a coherent response in 15 seconds to such a tinderbox issue – especially off the cuff like that in that incredibly unreal context. I don’t know if I would have done much better myself. But it is kind of sad and telling that she didn’t loose points because of the eloquence of her answer, but simply because she didn’t believe what the judge did!