I can’t believe I am getting so tired of politics.

I loved it a while ago when CNN’s Piers Morgan had a little video clip in which he proposes that we take national day where we just “get a grip” and forget taking the imaginary offense at whatever anyone else says in the political arena.

Sounds good to me. But we need a lot more than just one day! I tell you… I have not been so discouraged and disgusted with politics in my whole life. I am usually a pretty happy political junkie… but not this year. Maybe I am getting older or something, but I just can’t handle it anymore. What grinds me most is all this imaginary offense taken at the slightest miscue and slip of a politician’s tongue. Every mistake is mined for all its worth to disparage the opposition. Yes, it “seems” that perhaps a lot of this is all revved up by a very one sided liberal media, but there is plenty of blame to go all around.

There was the uproar about Biden’s comment that Republicans want to “shackle” the black people. All these black Republicans start parading around strutting their canned grief at how evil and offensive Biden is. And then there still is the uproar over Aiken comments over “legitimate rape”. The numbskull sure didn’t choose his words right… but really now… for the past more than a WEEK there have usually been at least THREE articles on the front page of CNN and the NYT (each) about him at any one time. WHO CARES? But oh no… even Piers Morgan, the proposer of the our national holiday from offense, calls him all kinds of nasty names when at the last minute Aiken decides he doesn’t have the stomach to get toasted and roasted by Piers on his show and ditches the scheduled appearance.

What is even more discouraging is that all this manufactured drama is scripted so that the politicians don’t have to talk about the real hard issues that face the country. There are just no easy answers to the problems we face and no one, absolutely no one, seems willing to stop gasping and grandstanding at every faux pa of the opposition – and just concentrate on governing.

I am SO tired of it all… “Lord, come quickly to save us from this wicked generation!!!!” This is my prayer.