Keeping a dialogue with our young people.

I am frustrated that I can’t seem to keep any kind of relationship with many of our church’s young people as they go off into the world and try to grow up. I am frustrated because it seems that at the very time they need the Lord the most (making the most critical decisions in their lives) – they are the farthest away from Him. There is just SUCH a spiritual battle for these young people, and the devil seems to get the upper hand all too often. It is easy to say that we need to be paying more attention to them, but the hard part is that they certainly aren’t listening or caring for anything we might say or do. Their ears are captured by the lies and values of the world and their hearts have no room for the Lord and the Christian life. You would think that the young people who I have known for many years and confirmed only a few years ago might still have some room for a discussion with me about life and faith. But this assumption is so often distressingly wrong. It is as if I don’t have anything to say that is the least relevant for their lives – and in fact there is quite often true animosity toward me that I just never expect. So, where did I go wrong? Where did the church go wrong? Dear Lord please quickly come! Save us from ourselves.