Christian Parenting

Just read kind of a funny commentary at the NYTimes.

Goes through some of the parenting fads through the years…

But really, what IS the secret of parenting?

My OWN style of parenting, is, of course, the BEST – as I certainly have PERFECT kids (obvious sarcasm!)

They ARE actually great kids – but it CERTAINLY isn’t because of my parenting.

Perhaps some of it just happens to be their genes (they have good temperaments). But probably most of it can be attributed to the parenting of my wife.

The one thing that we do as parents is just parent in good moderation with LOTS and LOTS of LOVE. Other important ingredients are NOT spoiling our children; keeping our marriage relationship TOP priority (OVER the kids); and just HAVING A GREAT TIME! Our kids like to hang around the house and be family because we have a great time together in everything we do – whether it be church or movie night, or whatever! There is more than one kid to play with (I really think one child – or even two child – families are really missing the boat.) And since we have fun together (even without the TV on all the time or never getting to Disney), guess what, no one has to think they could have a better time hanging out with “friends” at the mall all day!

I just LOVE being a parent. It is supposed to be that way! God made it so! He loves being OUR parent, as well! Isn’t that GREAT?

I hope and pray for all parents, that they might have JOY in the Lord as they marvel in the wonders of their children – true gifts of God.