Sexual Harassment and the Christian Sexual Ethic

Over the last few weeks observers have been amazed at the deep scars upon this land that have been revealed in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.  The whole entertainment industry has been in uproar as a seemingly endless parade of rich and famous male gender types have been accused of systemic abuse and harassment against much lesser paid movie and TV stars – who happen to be women.

What I find curious is that the voice of the church has been almost completely silent amongst the loud headlines and the accused’s frantic stampede for the exits.  I suppose it could be that no one really cares about what the church and scripture has to say.  Maybe we think the church doesn’t have anything more to add to the discussion?  Or, perhaps, the church just feels it had better not touch any issue that has anything to do with sexuality.  It is too risky.  It will only highlight the sinful weaknesses in our own lives, and bring on the hecklers and haters.

But, truly, is this NOT the time to say something?  How can we not say anything to our own congregational members – if not to the world at large?   If we don’t apply God’s Word and will to these events today, we are inviting continued confusion in the future.  The beautiful purpose and life that God desires of us will be totally lost.

So, what SHOULD the church say?  The scripture in this case, is quite easy to understand.  The Christian Sexual Ethic can be summed up as such:  Any sexual anything outside of the bonds of marriage is incompatible with the will of God.  It is sin.  Expression of our sexuality within the bonds of marriage is beautiful and Godly.  Expression outside of marriage is absolutely prohibited:  pornography, homosexual relationships, adultery, rape, incest, pre-marital sex, etc.,  And yes, sexual harassment in the workplace is sinful on so many levels.  Foremost: it misuses, for evil purposes, a beautiful gift of God!

Why is this such a difficult issue?  It is so hellish because of our Old Adam.  We must purposely and vigorously guard our hearts and our sexuality with every tool given to us by God.  Unfortunately we are up against the terrible devices of Satan –  insidious work centered in the very industry that has now shown its true, sinful, colors:  the movie and television business.  The perverted entertainment of sex and the objectification of women is everywhere in our lives as we are drowning in the 4 hours/day average of screen time.  We have presently become so enamored with its evil that we don’t even notice it.  More than that, we enjoy our sin!  No one connects all these dots and discerns that we have bred ourselves monsters who gleefully destroy the lives of others so they might obtain their sexual fantasies.  And yes, I am NOT talking only about the Harvey Weinsteins of the world… I am talking about US.  What has become plain in the national discussion, for instance, is that sexual harassment is a daily reality for so many women in this nation.  That reality dovetails with the fact that this year I have officiated at only ONE wedding in our church (and there are none planned for the foreseeable future).

When we connect all these dots, the clear picture emerges:  We, as a nation, are closing in on completely rejecting the Christian Sexual Ethic.  We have lost the ravishingly beautiful reality of the Bride and Groom of heaven.  We have replaced it with the filth of the sewer.

May it not be the case for me, you, or the holy Bride of Christ!

“Come quickly, O Lord Jesus!”

MacBook Pro Review

IMG_7983I haven’t blogged in many months… thought maybe I would share something different than my usual…

Back earlier this summer I was faced with having to replace my aging and failing 2011 MacBook Pro (15 inch).  It was awful thinking about a replacement.  I really didn’t have the money for an expensive Apple machine, and yet I couldn’t get my mind around anything else.  The new iPad Pros came out and so for a long time I thought about trying to use an iPad as my main computing device… but the reality was that I really couldn’t go that rout yet.  I am sure I would LIKE that iPad, but for all the software I use and the hours and hours that I spend at the keyboard, I knew it just wouldn’t be enough.  Computer it had to be…  but could I really spend well over $2500 for a 15 inch replacement?  I wasn’t sure I would “get along” with a 13 inch screen, but it really was all that I could afford, although I ended up buying the bit more expensive model with the “Touch Bar”.

Anyway, how have I liked it?  I definitely DO enjoy this machine.  I have no significant complaints.  Here are my main points:

I love:

  • How small and light it is.  The other day someone thought I was carrying an iPad it is so small.  I still find it wonderful to pick it up – remembering every time I do how heavy my old 15 inch machine was in comparison.
  • The keyboard.  I just treasure typing on it!  I have no idea WHY I can SO look forward to touching these keys!  I have had ONE key stick down and become non-responsive.  Amazingly I looked on youtube and found out that if you turn the computer upside down and tap, the key comes free!  That was all it needed and I was happy again!
  • The Tack pad.  Apple definitely has the best track pads in the industry.  I have no desire for a touch screen because the trackpad is SO big and wonderful and responsive.

I don’t love:

  • Using an adapter to hook anything up to the computer.  Eventually I suppose I will get new hard drives and accessories that will use the USB-C port, but I don’t have money for them because I spent it all on the computer!  lol.  Until I have money again I have to use the adapter I bought for about $80.  Blah…
  • The small screen real estate.  Yes, the screen is beautiful, but I still do miss the 15 inch screen I had.  It is always a difficult choice:  Do I want to sit in the living room couch and live with the 13inches?  OR do I sit at my desk with my large extended monitor that will be SO much easier to use?

Other Notes:

  • I found a nice leather case on Amazon for $20.  Best $20 I ever spent.  It looks CLASSY and does a nice job protecting the computer surfaces – as well as providing good grip.
  • The Touch Bar is OK, but really not a huge help.  If you are considering a purchase and want to save money, it might be a good way to purchase a cheaper model without.  I just haven’t trained my eye yet to notice the Touch Bar when it is useful!
  • The speed is fine.  I certainly have had no hiccups in performance.
  • The battery life is NOT as good as Apple claims, but I am still happy with it as it is much better than my 2.5 hours I could get on my old machine.  Usually I don’t really have to start paying attention to the battery level unless I am working it past 4 hours.  And it charges quite fast.  Even a few minutes of charging will give a nice boost in power.

Am I glad I bought the 13inch MacBook Pro?  Yes.  Would I recommend it?  Yes.  The combination of trackpad, screen, and KEYBOARD makes it a JOY to use.  I still am not happy about how expensive it is, but my reasoning and comfort in spending that much money is that I should get MANY years to use out of it.  Even if it lasts only 4 years, that means I will spend about $1.50/day to use it.  Considering how much work I get done on it, it is a STEAL!  But SHOULD mention that buying it at Best Buy afforded me 12 months of free financing.  Without that I wouldn’t have been able to make the purchase.  I am chipping away at it!