The Americans in Haiti

Bob Greene, CNN, writes in his editorial “The American’s are coming” that the recent catastrophe in Haiti and the American response is proof that America still is capable of doing incredible things for those in the most need. He states that although the relief effort has not been perfect by any means, the phrase “The Americans are coming!” is being heard again like it has in the past, spoken with great anticipation and hope. America is still the only country in the world with not only the means, but the heart, to do what needs to be done.

I don’t get very teary eyed about America. I am the first to admit that, having lived half my life outside of the US, I am not always the most patriotic. But in this case I am very proud to be an American! In the local paper this morning there was a headline about how some Italian government official was stating that while the American military presence was needed it, he was not satisfied with it and indicated that a civilian, international, administration would somehow do a better job. Hogwash! It is really easy to see problems, and everyone wants things done yesterday. But there is no doubt that what has taken place under the auspices of the US military in Haiti has been tremendous. There was simply no other option other than to do what was was done. To put together a civilian command center would have taken months and would be fraught with politics and silliness.

But it really isn’t just the US Military that needs commendation. It is the American people and their generosity and care. Although I am not satisfied with this generosity (always more can and should be done), the reality is that it is far greater than any other nation or people. The US government is perhaps not as generous as other governments when it comes to foreign aid programs, etc., but the American citizens themselves are far and a way more generous in their individual financial donations – as well as other aid – than the citizens of any other nation. This is the way it should be! And it is a very good thing! Praise God for our great country!