Letter to the Editor: The Pope and Evolution

In our Times-Tribune editorial page, Pope Francis gets kudos for reiterating the Roman Catholic view that there is no essential conflict between the Christian faith and evolution. He somehow believes that God implemented his creation through the big bang and evolution.

Contrary to what the Pope says, (and forgetting the fact that evolution is promoted as the way to explain the world apart from God!) it really is extremely difficult to square evolution with the Christian faith. Who are we as humans? Perfect creatures of God made in His image? Or the product of millions of mutations? And what of death? Did death come through the sin of man? Or is it “part of nature” since the very beginning? If death is “natural”, then we certainly don’t need to be saved from it through the work of Christ! As well, philosophically, the whole understanding of “survival of the fittest” is diametrically opposed to the nature of God. This is just the beginning of the discussion.

The church should never be in opposition to ethical scientific research and discovery, but neither should it ever be seen as beholden to “scientific conclusions” that directly contradict the orthodox faith. The obvious reason for this is that scientific “truth” is very hard to come by – especially when dealing with things we cannot actually observe. We all know that much scientific “fact” today is fiction tomorrow.

It is interesting that most citizens of this country still do not believe in evolution – to the terrible frustration of so many who work hard to discredit any explanation for life other than pure materialistic chance. The theory of evolution has deeply serious problems scientifically (too many to list here, but readily discoverable to anyone who will investigate.) However, its greatest problem is plain and simple common sense.