Why Gay Marriage is NOT an equal rights issue.

Boy, am I ever TIRED of all the mess of marriage and Gay rights. With no good and reasonable end in sight, I am just despairing in my heart for even a civil discussion on the issue. The California Supreme Court ruling and all the recriminations that are bantered around are so very troublesome. It just wearies my soul! Jesus come quickly!

One of the major arguments that is given for allowing Gays to be married is that it is a matter of equal, or civil, rights. If we don’t think about it too much, this seems like a very wonderful and powerful argument.

If we DO think about it, we will see that there is NO equal rights issue when it comes to our current marriage law!

Please ask yourself this question: Is it in any way true that a gay person is barred from getting married?

The answer is, of course: No! They can just as easily be married as any heterosexual person! There is no discrimination! The laws, however, state that they can only be married to a person of the opposite sex – just like they state that the person they are getting married to must be of a certain age and not be a brother or sister, and that they are not already married to someone else!

The fact is that hardly anything in life is applied equally to everyone. As a society we CAN AND DO decide that a person under 21 cannot consume alcohol, that only a doctor can perform an operation, and the list GOES ON! A civil rights or equal rights issue is one that is defined by race, not issues of behavior or what you choose to do with your life.

The issue of “Equal Rights” is just a convenient powder keg to get people’s blood boiling. The real issue is changing the definition of marriage and forcing society to throw out the obvious definition of marriage which has proven itself around the world since God created the world. The real issue is giving the same recognition and benefits to two very different kinds of relationships – all for the satisfaction of three and perhaps four percent of the population.

From the perspective of the Scripture, there really can be no serious debate about Gay marriage. However we cannot expect that Christian faith arguments would hold any weight for anyone else in this pluralistic nation – many who could care less about what Scripture states. If Christians want to defend what we believe is the way God intended marriage to be (for everyone, not just Christians), then it would behoove us to sharpen our minds and humbly and winsomely argue our position in non-religous ways.

The final thought (for now): There are some folks who like to say that the whole world will fall apart if the fight for traditional marriage is lost. If you haven’t noticed, it seems to me that the world has already fallen apart. We DO live in the End Times, do we not?! Gay marriage is only just ONE of the many ways that Satan is dissuading us from the Holy and bringing Judgment Day closer. However, for the forgiven Christian who sees Jesus and His love and holy and humble way, he/she has nothing to worry about. Life WILL get more difficult, no doubt, as Gay marriage will inevitably come to PA and the rest of the US (am I so despairing that I have already admitted defeat?!) Christians might not be able to win popularity or beauty contests anymore. Perhaps we won’t be able to get a job as easily as we did in the past. But we will always be ABLE to trust and follow our Lord when we rely on Him for strength and wisdom. Our Father God promises it! Praise God!

Feel free to comment – gently and in Christian love – please!

UPDATE: I am JUST hearing that plans are underway by Sen. Daylin Leach to introduce a Gay marriage bill here in the PA Legislature. In the email I got the quote goes as such:

Leach noted that after the recent passing of same-sex marriage legislation in New Hampshire and Maine, and the rapidly expanding list of states considering the approval of same-sex marriage, it is time for Pennsylvania to act.
“In the past few weeks, several states have legalized same-sex marriage, and many will soon follow suit,” Leach said. “There has never been a more propitious time for Pennsylvania to embrace equality and enshrine the civil right of all Pennsylvanians to marry.”

Torture and the Christian

It is kind of interesting how little, it seems, the Christian church has contributed to the national debate over torture. Of course sincere Christians do have opinions about it – often different ones – as you can imagine.

Perhaps one reason (a good one) that the church is rather silent on this issue is that there is nothing in Scripture which would speak to torture directly. It could be said that the way our Lord was crucified was a form of torture, but it was not a torture with any kind of purpose than to lead to death and be an example for anyone else planning any mischief against the status quo of Roman and Jewish law. But just because it happened to our Lord does not, of course, justify it for us today (or any day).

Of course our first problem is determining the definition of torture. There is really no exact definition. For some a tap dripping or screaming children is torture. For others “waterboarding” might not be particularly frightful. Generally speaking, people who do not consider waterboarding torture argue this way because it does not actually bring any kind of bodily harm to the subject. The technique simply inspires great fear in a person who THINKS they are going to drown.

There are those Christians who would submit that it would be inexcusable to torture anyone for any reason. But actually, the Christian thinking down through the ages has not necessarily agreed with this. What about war and the actual killing that is involved there? We do find in the scripture that the government is vested with the God given right to enforce the peace and protect its citizens. Could we not understand that torture that is “pre-emptive self defense” would be allowable? If we knew that a person had a piece of information that would save hundreds, thousands, millions of lives, could it not be considered a necessary evil?

I personally believe in a rather radical solution to this problem. I believe that it should be illegal for the government (or anyone) to resort to torture. However, hypothetically, if I were a government agent or soldier who was convinced of a life and death situation and I needed to get information out of an individual, I might very well decide to exercise some type of torture to get that information. However, I would do it in the full knowledge of lawful punishment. In other words, I would do it KNOWING I would be punished for my crime – freely admitting it and willingly submitting to the punishment of the law. And I would EXPECT that a court of law would NOT have leniency on me, but charge me of the crime and give my due sentence – EVEN IF there was a great benefit that was gained and many lives saved. Punishment must be given so that the next person in a similar situation is never tempted to torture without being absolutely SURE it is a most necessary evil.

I may be dreaming, but this is my best resolution to the problem of torture in our sinful world (besides praying the Lord would come quickly!)

Our Confession of Faith

Today I received a letter from a missionary in a central asian nation (formerly a part of the Soviet Union).

After an exciting evangelistic camp of our church last week, one more person joined us. Pray that we will be quiet enough not to attract troubles from the secret police or neighbors with the increase of number of people attending the worship. We are still operating underground.
Recently I had an hour long interrogation by the KGB. Interestingly I was asked if I am reading the Bible and attending a church. Still my “yes” in those anxious moments made me to be happy that I didn’t deny my Christ. I was asked to leave with no action being taken. Keep praying for my protection.


This coming week we will have our Confirmation service. In the service, the question is asked of the Confirmand if they will be faithful to Christ, even suffering death rather than fall away from it!

Let us pray for those Christians around the world who share Jesus Christ under the threat of their very lives.