LOTS of catching up to do…

Amazingly, it seems, DaVinci Code stanza 2, has like a meteor burned out! I guess it really isn’t so amazing. There was really NOTHING of substance in the claims that will make them stick. After the Discovery Channel showing of the documentary this last Sunday evening, Ted Koppel gave the producers a run for their money by really holding their feet to the fire. Their feet burned quite badly I guess, although the only parts that I saw were small segments on the internet. The producers claimed they were just “journalists” reporting what they found. Ted was able to show that they were nothing of the kind. “Showmen” would be a more appropriate description. But perhaps more even better descriptions should not be uttered on a blog such as this! If you have any further questions, there are a couple resources that you can view at the http://www.lcms.org web site. As well, there is a very good interview and discussion concerning that you can listen to at www.issuesetc.org

At the congregational voter’s meeting this last Tuesday we voted to buy the new hymnal that the LCMS has published. As you might guess, I certainly am happy about the approval. There are a few nay sayers in the congregation, but the general concensus of those who have actually taken time to examine the hymnal is very positive. Although I myself like the new hymnal very much, I personally wasn’t going to risk my reputation on trying to ram them down everyone’s throat. I am willing to be happy with the TLH. Good worship does not depend on the hymnal (though it CAN help). I was very pleased that the main impetus and leadership in getting them came from our congregational president. I appreciate his leadership! It certainly helps when our dear Audrey is happy to buy them for the congregation and we don’t have to worry about paying for them!


“Good is the enemy of Great”
Way too much of the time in the church we are very satisfied with that which is “good”. Being satisfied with “good” keeps us from that which is Great!


I finally finished Numbers this morning. I am only about one week behind in a reading schedule which will lead me through the Bible in one year! Some reflections:

TENT OF MEETING: I loved the theme in these books which centered around God’s “meeting” and abiding with His people. To think that the God of the universe would come and “meet” with a ragged band of slave people wandering in the desert. That He would have chosen them! Amazing! And then that He would have chosen US to be his children through Jesus Christ, His Son who actually took on our human flesh! Only our God would do it!

SOMETHING I HAD FORGOTTEN: In the matter of Aaron’s status as the head of the Levite clan and the Holy Priesthood. In order to prove to those who doubted God’s chosen leader, Moses followed God’s directions and placed the staffs of all those who contended for the leadership position in the Tabranacle for a period of time. When they were retrieved they found that Aaron’s staff had sprouted!

WHAT WAS FUNNIEST: Boy, these were SERIOUSLY serious books! BUT there IS the SERIOUSLY FUNNY story of Balaam’s donkey who saw the angel of the Lord and stood still on the road, refusing to go any further. When Balaam threatened to kill the poor donkey, the donkey spoke up in his defense and SAID: “Am I not your own donkey, which you have always ridden, to this day? Have I been in the habit of doing this to you?”

WHAT WAS SCARIEST: There were some VERY scrary parts such as the stoning of a young man for blaspheming the name of the Lord. It turns out that God is VERY serious about His name and how we are to honor it.

MOST AMAZING: The most amazing part was the business in chapter 24 where King Balak, worried that Hebrews were going to defeat his kingdom, summoned the pagan priest Balaam to curse them. Instead of cursing them, through God’s intervention, he ended up BLESSING them three times and prophecying Christ’s birth and the star that guided the magi!