Christmas in the Times Tribune

Letter to the Editor:

Dear Editor,

Examining the Times-Tribune around the Christmas holiday it seems that, once again (it keeps happening every year), some kind of distortion field must have descended on the paper offices during that time. I wouldn’t know what could have caused it. Maybe it was the case that you had all your reporters out trying to track down Santa and his reindeer. Or something. I am sure it was important. But the reality that you missed completely on Christmas Eve and Christmas day – that might have at least been worthy of a small peep or back page whisper – is this: Thousands and thousands of our city’s population (from all walks of life) really did come out in the snow and cold, filled an awful lot of our beautifully decorated churches, prayed, sang beautiful and meaningful carols and hymns, all in worship of the real historical person named Jesus. They were celebrating His birth at Bethlehem. These strange people, referred to as Christians, actually believe that Jesus was the Lord of the universe who became enfleshed in His own creation – out of love for His children. St. Luke records the angels telling the shepherds that this Jesus was to be the Savior. Christians believe he was the only person born purposely into this world to die, and that because of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, their sins are forgiven and their relationship with God is restored.

I am assuming you would not want to willingly admit that the American media is biased against Christianity, so I wonder why it seems your coverage of the Christian faith at Christmas – even as simply a news item – is almost always non-existent?