Current Issues Confronting our Nation

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  I have made it clear previously that I am very concerned about President Trump’s leadership of this nation.  My parents brought me up to know personal Christian values and humility diametrically opposed to almost everything I see President Trump demonstrate.  When he was elected, though, I purposed to give him a generous benefit of the doubt.  I do not spread false gossip about him.  I pray for him and do my best to support him as the elected head of our union of states.  I have never publicly disparage him on social media or from the pulpit.  I say good things about what he has done when I can.  But, even though there have been positive things that he has accomplished, I continue to be exceedingly disappointed in his presidency – and of course, very importantly, with the conduct of his person as president.  He has disdained almost every standard of decency and moral code of conduct that this nation has been built on.  But what is even more disappointing to me is that so many in our nation refuse to call the spade a spade – and they continue to be hopeful in this man.  I agree that our nation’s government is broken and that we need someone who is able to change the balances of powers in Washington.  Donald Trump is not the answer to our needs.  He is not a Godly man.  He is not a wise man.

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY:   I appreciate any work to uphold and maintain the full honor that God affords women – as human beings created in His image.  It is with such sadness and even righteous anger that we confront the mistreatment of women around the world – and even in our own nation.  It is also true that almost every man (including me), and every institution, needs more than a lesson or two in how we are to honor the women in our midst.  Even as Christian men, we have not taken to heart what it means to give up our lives in love for our wives even as Christ gave up His life for His bride the church.  However, even as I can affirm many of the goals of the International Women’s day (see them here), it should never be lost on us that being “equal” in “value” and in “treatment”, does not mean “equal” in roles and in nature to man.  To be woman is to be different than man.  It is how God created us.  Male and female compliment each other and are not “the same”.   Our task is to seek out and humbly know God’s love for each other, serving each other as male and female, and celebrating each other’s gifts.  Let us praise God for all the women in our lives.  Let us raise them up and appreciate the gifts that God gave them – as well as the gifts that God gave men!

ME TOO MOVEMENT:  On the one hand I say “Praise God” for the rooting out of sexual sin in our nation.  On the other hand I say “How utterly foolish” our nation is (women included) as it continues to fully embrace sexually charged media and commercial industries – all the while decrying its end product:  sexual violence and harassment against women.  You can’t have it both ways, folks!  Anyone listening?  Does anyone desire to be chaste and pure and not continually bathed in sexual innuendo and pornographic imagery?  Does anyone want to experience what it really means to be faithful to your spouse and to limit sexual expression to your marriage?

SCHOOL VIOLENCE/GUN CONTROL:  Guns are a nice target in the effort to solve school violence.  Perhaps better controls would be appropriate.  I won’t personally argue against them.  Many are very sensitive to constitutional rights of self defense, etc.  I sympathize with them as well.  Ultimately I think the issues are deeper.  The most pressing issue is the terrible spiritual and even demonic sickness that has left so many in our nation without hope and devoid of joy and true life.  The real answer to violence is the love of God as expressed in each of our lives.  We are simply not engaging in God’s love.  We would rather love ourselves over our neighbor.

May the Lord have mercy on us all.  Come, Lord Jesus.