Christmas Musical Offerings

When my father was visiting a couple weeks ago he brought a couple small volumes entitled “25 Carols from the Oxford Book of Carols for Schools” – arranged for guitar and unison voices.  The guitar accompaniments are easy and I just LOVE the unusual carols that we just never hear today.  They are so beautiful!

So my daughter Hannah (16 yrs) and I have been practicing and we recorded two of them with my wife’s iPad.  I then set the music to a slide show because facebook doesn’t let you just upload a sound file (is that crazy or what?) But the results are so sweet and I hope they bless your Christmas!  To the glory of Jesus!

Down in Yon Forest

Sussex Carol

The Cain Train was fun, but we should be glad it is over.

Well, the inevitable ending came, and Herman Cain has finally dropped out of the Republican nomination race for president.

Herman Cain becoming president was something of an interesting proposition. We always say that we need someone in the office who is not an “insider”. He was a seemingly real, “down to earth,” kind of guy, “happy go lucky” and optimistic – just the way I like them. But unfortunately it is kind of scary to actually be faced with the reality of that kind of person in office. Much was made in the press about one interview where it became clear that he really didn’t know what he was talking about concerning the revolution in Libya. We might ask ourselves “So WHAT if he doesn’t know anything about Libya? He is just a regular kind of guy just like the rest of us.” Well, actually it DOES matter!

But unfortunately Cain was SO regular that, as well as being naive about Libya, he was also not very honest with his lovely wife. Whatever the real story is with his relationship with Ms. White, it isn’t what it should have been – and it proved his final political undoing.

My big question is: If Ms. White was a full and glad participant in an adulterous relationship, I just have to wonder what she was thinking to have taken advantage of him in such a way for over 13 years – and then trumpet his sin and ruin his career, and perhaps his marriage also. The harassment charges I can well agree should be pressed and made public if they happened. But sometimes I wonder if life would have been better all around if she just would have simply stopped answering his phone calls.

We all have our feelings and temptations that we deal with. We can all feel for Mr. Cain, the “regular” human being that he is. But no matter which way you slice it: when we act on those temptations – it has its way of ruining our lives. So sad indeed!

The Cain Train was fun while it lasted, but in the end we should be glad it is over.