The Unfortunate Trajectory of Space Exploration

I am a huge fan of science in general and have always been an avid follower of NASA and space exploration. It is so exciting that next year we will see Pluto up close and the big news lately has been the European Space Agency spacecraft and their mission to land on a comet! Amazing stuff, no doubt.

But even as the discoveries that will be made can’t help to be thrilling all by themselves, I just can’t decide whether to laugh or cry (or just stand there with my mouth gaping wide) that the whole space exploration effort these days has been completely co-opted by a driving necessity in the scientific community to find an excuse for life here on earth. I heard one NASA official crow the other day about how “NASA is ALL ABOUT finding life in outer space” – and how he is so confident that they will find it very soon!

I have no problems, theologically or in principle, with finding “life” in outer space. I have no problem with being “on the lookout” for life. But it seems that pure scientific observation at NASA has had to take a back seat to this obsession with the question of life. And that is too bad. They are “spaced out” and definitely on the wrong trajectory!

Of course we do know why their trajectory is so badly off course. The brains at NASA, as brilliant as they are, are scrambled worse than eggs. And their propulsion systems are all running on the wrong fuel as well. This whole endeavor (funded by you and me the taxpayer) has become simply an intense effort to explain our existence apart from God. It has become almost the “religion” of the modern, atheistic, politically correct, scientific community. They MUST find some explanation of life because otherwise their whole world view falls apart and there must be a god. (Evidently there is this great hope in humanity apart from God!) If there is life outside of the confines of earth then they can surmise that life is not “special”, and that somehow the overwhelmingly bad odds of life arising out of a “primordial soup” on earth billions of years ago – are actually not that bad at all.

Anyway, the terrible prediction I have about all this is that we had better stock up on the antidepressant meds and have the bridges lined with nets around NASA headquarters: It is going to be tough dealing with all the disappointment!

In the meantime, in the onslaught of all the news and propaganda from NASA, I am a lot happier living with the “odds” that each and every one of us were created by an amazing God who loves us and cares for us – a God in whom we have our beginning and end, even our salvation. We indeed are so very special! I pray you will believe too!