Dancing with the Lord

Last night I was privileged to talk with my mother over the video chat.  I am going to be going to see her in a couple days.  It wouldn’t be anything to think about, except that every time I speak with her now is more and more precious, one closer to the last time I speak with her.  The burdens of this sinful world are overcoming her body and soon she will be with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Of course I love her very much.  I especially appreciate her devotion to dying well: strong in her faith and gathered up in His love.

Over the past years I have been enamored with the vision of my life as a dance with the Lord.  He calls me to the dance.  His desire is to be in beautiful relationship with me.  He is leader of the dance – I am the follower.  It is a dance of Love with the Gospel being the music we dance to….  and the analogies go on…

So, anyway, I also see my mother in this dance with Jesus through the evening of her life.  It is a beautiful dance…  And so here is a song that was gifted to me by the Lord.  It isn’t stunning or anything, but it is composed in honor of my mother and her Lord – and the dance they share together.


Dancing with the Lord

1)  Long, so Long ago;  Seems like only yesterday.

     Oh my Lord;  Praise the Lord

Called her to the dance with Him,  Laying eyes that never dim.



Dancing with the Lord

     Though darkness all around

     His arms they do surround

     His songs they still resound!

Dance until the sun – it rises!

Dance ’till it sets no more.

Dance with the Lord

Dance with the Lord

My love.


2)  Everlasting Love, He did lead her in the dance.

     Oh my Lord,  Praise the Lord

Wounded hands He held her tight, step by step His Word her light.


3)  Sins forgiven, Cross before and Cross behind

     Oh my Lord, Praise the Lord

Wedding day and ball to keep, don the gown and wake from sleep.