Sexual Harassment and the Christian Sexual Ethic

Over the last few weeks observers have been amazed at the deep scars upon this land that have been revealed in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.  The whole entertainment industry has been in uproar as a seemingly endless parade of rich and famous male gender types have been accused of systemic abuse and harassment against much lesser paid movie and TV stars – who happen to be women.

What I find curious is that the voice of the church has been almost completely silent amongst the loud headlines and the accused’s frantic stampede for the exits.  I suppose it could be that no one really cares about what the church and scripture has to say.  Maybe we think the church doesn’t have anything more to add to the discussion?  Or, perhaps, the church just feels it had better not touch any issue that has anything to do with sexuality.  It is too risky.  It will only highlight the sinful weaknesses in our own lives, and bring on the hecklers and haters.

But, truly, is this NOT the time to say something?  How can we not say anything to our own congregational members – if not to the world at large?   If we don’t apply God’s Word and will to these events today, we are inviting continued confusion in the future.  The beautiful purpose and life that God desires of us will be totally lost.

So, what SHOULD the church say?  The scripture in this case, is quite easy to understand.  The Christian Sexual Ethic can be summed up as such:  Any sexual anything outside of the bonds of marriage is incompatible with the will of God.  It is sin.  Expression of our sexuality within the bonds of marriage is beautiful and Godly.  Expression outside of marriage is absolutely prohibited:  pornography, homosexual relationships, adultery, rape, incest, pre-marital sex, etc.,  And yes, sexual harassment in the workplace is sinful on so many levels.  Foremost: it misuses, for evil purposes, a beautiful gift of God!

Why is this such a difficult issue?  It is so hellish because of our Old Adam.  We must purposely and vigorously guard our hearts and our sexuality with every tool given to us by God.  Unfortunately we are up against the terrible devices of Satan –  insidious work centered in the very industry that has now shown its true, sinful, colors:  the movie and television business.  The perverted entertainment of sex and the objectification of women is everywhere in our lives as we are drowning in the 4 hours/day average of screen time.  We have presently become so enamored with its evil that we don’t even notice it.  More than that, we enjoy our sin!  No one connects all these dots and discerns that we have bred ourselves monsters who gleefully destroy the lives of others so they might obtain their sexual fantasies.  And yes, I am NOT talking only about the Harvey Weinsteins of the world… I am talking about US.  What has become plain in the national discussion, for instance, is that sexual harassment is a daily reality for so many women in this nation.  That reality dovetails with the fact that this year I have officiated at only ONE wedding in our church (and there are none planned for the foreseeable future).

When we connect all these dots, the clear picture emerges:  We, as a nation, are closing in on completely rejecting the Christian Sexual Ethic.  We have lost the ravishingly beautiful reality of the Bride and Groom of heaven.  We have replaced it with the filth of the sewer.

May it not be the case for me, you, or the holy Bride of Christ!

“Come quickly, O Lord Jesus!”

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