MacBook Pro Review

IMG_7983I haven’t blogged in many months… thought maybe I would share something different than my usual…

Back earlier this summer I was faced with having to replace my aging and failing 2011 MacBook Pro (15 inch).  It was awful thinking about a replacement.  I really didn’t have the money for an expensive Apple machine, and yet I couldn’t get my mind around anything else.  The new iPad Pros came out and so for a long time I thought about trying to use an iPad as my main computing device… but the reality was that I really couldn’t go that rout yet.  I am sure I would LIKE that iPad, but for all the software I use and the hours and hours that I spend at the keyboard, I knew it just wouldn’t be enough.  Computer it had to be…  but could I really spend well over $2500 for a 15 inch replacement?  I wasn’t sure I would “get along” with a 13 inch screen, but it really was all that I could afford, although I ended up buying the bit more expensive model with the “Touch Bar”.

Anyway, how have I liked it?  I definitely DO enjoy this machine.  I have no significant complaints.  Here are my main points:

I love:

  • How small and light it is.  The other day someone thought I was carrying an iPad it is so small.  I still find it wonderful to pick it up – remembering every time I do how heavy my old 15 inch machine was in comparison.
  • The keyboard.  I just treasure typing on it!  I have no idea WHY I can SO look forward to touching these keys!  I have had ONE key stick down and become non-responsive.  Amazingly I looked on youtube and found out that if you turn the computer upside down and tap, the key comes free!  That was all it needed and I was happy again!
  • The Tack pad.  Apple definitely has the best track pads in the industry.  I have no desire for a touch screen because the trackpad is SO big and wonderful and responsive.

I don’t love:

  • Using an adapter to hook anything up to the computer.  Eventually I suppose I will get new hard drives and accessories that will use the USB-C port, but I don’t have money for them because I spent it all on the computer!  lol.  Until I have money again I have to use the adapter I bought for about $80.  Blah…
  • The small screen real estate.  Yes, the screen is beautiful, but I still do miss the 15 inch screen I had.  It is always a difficult choice:  Do I want to sit in the living room couch and live with the 13inches?  OR do I sit at my desk with my large extended monitor that will be SO much easier to use?

Other Notes:

  • I found a nice leather case on Amazon for $20.  Best $20 I ever spent.  It looks CLASSY and does a nice job protecting the computer surfaces – as well as providing good grip.
  • The Touch Bar is OK, but really not a huge help.  If you are considering a purchase and want to save money, it might be a good way to purchase a cheaper model without.  I just haven’t trained my eye yet to notice the Touch Bar when it is useful!
  • The speed is fine.  I certainly have had no hiccups in performance.
  • The battery life is NOT as good as Apple claims, but I am still happy with it as it is much better than my 2.5 hours I could get on my old machine.  Usually I don’t really have to start paying attention to the battery level unless I am working it past 4 hours.  And it charges quite fast.  Even a few minutes of charging will give a nice boost in power.

Am I glad I bought the 13inch MacBook Pro?  Yes.  Would I recommend it?  Yes.  The combination of trackpad, screen, and KEYBOARD makes it a JOY to use.  I still am not happy about how expensive it is, but my reasoning and comfort in spending that much money is that I should get MANY years to use out of it.  Even if it lasts only 4 years, that means I will spend about $1.50/day to use it.  Considering how much work I get done on it, it is a STEAL!  But SHOULD mention that buying it at Best Buy afforded me 12 months of free financing.  Without that I wouldn’t have been able to make the purchase.  I am chipping away at it!

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