Respect for Human Life

This morning I was privileged to attend the annual Respect for Human Life Prayer Breakfast held here in Scranton. I have attended this (mostly Catholic) event previously, but not in a few years. A week or so ago I got a call from one of the organizers and asked if I might be willing to be the event photographer. I was very happy to have an excuse to attend since, in the end, I didn’t get to the March for Life in Washington DC this year. It was a lot of fun to be shooting my camera off, but I was much more thankful for the powerful speakers and the fellowship of like minded folks. My big regret was that I didn’t bring anyone else with me.

A few reflections and learnings:

+ David Madeira (radio show host) spoke about the Devil and how he (the Devil) hates babies. Yes. Hates them. Hadn’t thought about that before. But what else can the Devil do? Can he love anything? Can he do anything but hate those who are created in the image of GOD? And how it GRIEVES the Father in Heaven when the Devil convinces a mother to turn against her own baby and snuff it’s precious life out!

+ The keynote speaker was Dr. Anthony Levatino, a doctor from Arizona, who recounted his life story and how he came to be an ardent defender of the unborn. It was quite the account. As a doctor he spent years performing hundreds and hundreds of abortions (and he explained in graphic details the horror that an abortion really is.) He recounted how he and his wife, as a young couple, struggled to have a baby. He shared how he sent her to all the best fertility doctors and spent thousands of dollars trying to adopt a child… all the while, day after day, he was literally ripping limbs off of living babies and crushing their sculls. Ultimately it actually worked out that instead of performing an abortion on one of his patients, he convinced her to carry the infant to term and he and his wife adopted it. And then a month after their adoption was final, his wife became pregnant! But even at this point, he did not stop performing abortions altogether. What finally made him come to his senses was when his precious six year old daughter ran into the street outside his house and was hit and killed by a car. Life is so precious. Children are gifts from God. This is the undeniable truth.

Dr. Levantino had a powerful message and he challenged every one of the 550 in attendance to understand the evil that abortion really is. What impressed me was the courage that this man had to disavow and admit his sin after killing so many infants by his own hand! Who are we when we can stand aside and not be strong and courageous in pleading for those who have no voice? He spoke that old but true line: “How many of you believe that with God’s help we can accomplish anything? Well… then we need to start acting like we believe it!”

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you… (Jeremiah 1:5)


2 thoughts on “Respect for Human Life

  1. Dear Pastor,
    Thank you for your input !!! And photos!! I am so happy to hear that you attended the Pro Life Breakfast!! The speakers were very powerful and moving. I am a prolife advocate and work at the prolife center. Thank You again for your support of LIFE.
    Nancy Jones

  2. I am so glad to hear about your helping out with the cause! It sounds like you were there… sorry I missed you! Been a while since I saw you, so I am not sure I could have picked you out… 😦

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