What will it Mean for the Church if Gay Marriage is Legalized?

Lots of folks have tried to predict what will happen to our nation, our families, and our society as a whole if the Supreme Court comes down with a decision this week that will effectively eliminate any government restrictions on gay marriage. It is very difficult to predict precisely and I don’t think that ALL the fears and trepidations of Christians who are scripturally bound are valid. Not much will change overnight. And it could be said that even the lives of those gay couples who do get married won’t even change that much – as so many of them live as married currently. Any change on our lives will likely be gradual and not very noticeable (just the way the Devil wants it)

But what will this mean for the CHURCH? Will such a ruling by the Supreme Court have any affect on it?

I don’t think that there will be any discernible short term affect on the church. We have been dealing with this issue for quite a few years. Lines have been drawn and people have lined up for their “team” already. I don’t think anyone is thinking that a church opposed to gay marriage is going to have to change anything by law in its teachings or practices (in the short term that is.)

But what about the future? The real cause for concern is the future. I don’t think anyone would dispute that this issue of marriage is going to put a lot of pressure on the Christians in the years ahead. In another 10 or 20 years is ANYONE going to be brave enough to stand the ridicule of the whole society around us? Who will follow Jesus? Who will be faithful?

It is astounding that in just a VERY few years the general consensus of this nation on the issue of same sex marriage has been almost completely reversed. What we are finding is that people today have been completely stripped of any capacity to think critically with our eyes fixed on Jesus and His Word. Our whole sense of realty has been warped beyond recognition.

If you are a Christian today – it is most definitely time to don that full armor of God!


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