Sounding like a Chauvinist: What Are Women doing in Battle?

I don’t know what chauvinistic literature I was reading or who taught me how to think that way, but when I was a young boy starting in 5th grade I was quite consumed with many fantasies about giving up my life for that special woman (or girl, at the time). I would climb every mountain. I would cross any sea and fight off any monster so that I could save my beloved. Never once did I ever imagine that my girl would do that for me. And so yes, it is quite the fact that I am a true and completely helpless chauvinist (although my wife would probably argue that with me because she has to open her own doors) who has a very difficult time seeing women in combat roles in our military.

But women in combat roles is what is supposed to become the norm in the very near future if the plans of the Department of Defense hold.

The whole issue of women in combat is very interesting. Up until now, women have been prohibited from serving in “line of sight” battle situations.

What are we to think? Are we to think that women somehow do not possess the physical, emotional, or psychological attributes that men have and are therefore not suitable for combat situations? If so, should we be training our women to be more like men? Can that even work? Or are we to think that it is somehow morally wrong for women to serve in combat? Or is it just highly impractical to implement?

And what should we be thinking is the highest end? Are we going to honor the individual desires of the woman soldier to serve in combat areas? Or should we place a higher value on the good ends of military readiness? or is it simply anathema to even suggest that a woman would compromise military readiness? The case can be made that women might truly benefit military readiness!

After doing a bit of research I came across this very interesting paper which outlines the ethical and moral issues quite fairly and studiously.

For me? Firstly I have to say that I am thankful for the services of women in our military. They have obviously served faithfully and well in their various roles. But my gut reaction to it all is that with enemy fire coming in hot and heavy, if it were me in that foxhole, I am just not sure I would want the added complexity of having to deal with a person of the opposite sex next to me. Frankly, if I need to go to take a leak I don’t want to have to think of anything other than just taking a leak. Neither do I want to wonder if she likes me or not.

Further, aside from the practical issues, I am inclined to think that the principal of Biblical headship and the male role as protector, along with the fact that women are so beautifully gifted to bear children and be mothers, would generally make women in combat something which God never intended. (Of course it could be said that God never intended for men to go to war either!) But, ultimately, I just can’t figure out WHY a woman would ever WANT to shoot a gun to kill someone. I thought women were so much smarter then men! Why not just leave it to the men to shoot each other up?


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