Defending against a Tyrannical Government

I have heard a lot of folks talk about the importance of being able to freely possess firearms because we need to be able to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government. I appreciate the idea that governments can turn on their own citizens. We all have our grievances against the government and we might often feel the government has turned against us. But what would be that particular point when we would pull out our firearms, take aim, and actually shoot? It seems to me that the risk of such a time is extremely small (here in the United States.)

And further, in our studies of Martin Luther King Jr. and the NON-VIOLENT Civil Rights Movement at The Lutheran Academy, I am reminded that there really ARE better ways to change the government and throw off oppression than shooting each other. All across the world we have seen

1) how awful it is when we use guns to change governments (it is pretty easy to see that the death and destruction in Syria and Iraq, for example, has hardly been the answer to either country’s tyrannical dictators.), and

2) how really VERY POSSIBLE it is to bring down governments without firing a shot (places such as South Africa and Egypt).  It is simply people power.  It is actually more powerful than the force of bullets.

Personally I am not worried in the least that the government of this nation (established now for well over two centuries, a government by and for the people) would turn on me and my family in a way that the force of arms would be called for. Maybe I am naive (usually I am, I do admit), but if there truly WAS such a dreaded tyrannical government that took power, the American people would simply ignore it, recognizing that it had no authority. Either that or it would be a true sign of Judgement Day – at the sight of which I would take heart!

Just say’in that I think THIS argument against gun control simply does NOT apply to our 21st century United States. You are welcome to disagree with me. I won’t shoot you.


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