The Big Questions These Days About Mormonism

In a very strange incident just the other day, President Obama was accused (favorably!) by Madonna during a concert – for being a Muslim. She literally told her audience to vote for President Obama – “a black muslim.”

Even as the President has a tough time convincing anyone he is a Christian, there is a lot of confusion about what Mormonism is and most people have come to think that Mr. Romney is a Christian!

It sure is a crazy world out there.

OK… so here is the deal: obviously the hearts of men are very hard to judge. So we are left with the confession of faith which they profess with their mouth. President Obama professes that he is a Christian. Some of us might take issue with some of the policies which he espouses and say that, to put it in the kindest way, he is very confused about the tenents of Christianity. However, in the end, the Christian faith is predicated on the fact that we are imperfect, generally confused, and desperately needing the forgiveness of Christ. In the end we just really have to take him at his word.

So also, when we come to Mr. Romney, we need to keep the same thing straight: Although he is a very nice person and a very upstanding citizen of this country, although Biblical Christians might agree with him on certain policy issues, it is important to note that Mr. Romney is definitely NOT a Christian. He is not a Christian because the things that a Mormon professes (and he was a Mormon Bishop for a time!) to be true about God are nothing what a Christian would profess.

No matter what popular “Christian” preachers like Joel Osteen (or anyone else, including Mormons themselves) might say, the Mormon “church” is NOT a Christian church. The craziest thing is that the Mormon church was started by man, Joseph Smith, who (by his own account) went to God in “in prayer” because he wanted to know what church denomination was the true church. He wanted to know which church he should attend. And what did God answer him? God told him that ALL the churches were apostate and false, and then He proceeded to reveal to Smith the TRUE church teachings. And now, over 150 years later, in a strange twist, the Mormon church is trying to pass itself off as just “another” Christian denomination!

But we need not be confused. A person’s faith is not defined solely by how “nice” or how good a citizen they are, or if they can talk about Jesus and how wonderful it is that he is our savior. We must not be confused or swayed. The reality is that Mormons fail in almost EVERY way in their understanding of God. The first (and historically defining) definition of a Christian is one who believes in the Triune God. It turns out that the Mormon faith clearly fails even that first test. There is really NO debate (unless you do a google search and notice how all the “Why Mormons are Christian” websites produced by the Mormon church come up at the top of the list!)

At this point I must defer to others to further explain how Mormons are not Christian – as I could go on for quite some time. I found this relatively concise youtube video that is fairly clear and might give you some idea of other important Mormon departures from the truth of Scripture.

So… whether you vote Mr. Romney for president or not, please be well informed: Mr. Romney and the Mormon church are NOT Christian.


One thought on “The Big Questions These Days About Mormonism

  1. Why do you suppose “no one” (i.e. liturgical churches/leaders of same) says anything like this? Are they/we afraid to miss out on gov’t goodies, favors, etc., or afraid to offend? Again, perhaps this isn’t the major issue on people’s minds – just a way to curry favor amongst the church-goers by the like it should be a main issue on church-goers minds, since, theoretically, all we are, do, think is based on our Christianity (for Christians, obviously).

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