Am I the only one to question the American Revolutionary War?

Today we “celebrate” our country’s independence and there are plenty of reminders on FB and radio, etc, reminding us of the price that was paid for our liberty and freedom.

So does anyone know how many lives really were lost in the Revolutionary War? A google search turns up some approximate numbers: 25,000 Americans and perhaps 10,000 British.

As a percentage of population, that would mean that if America would go to war today for its independence there would be 1,000,000 Americans killed.

And what were the reasons for this war? We have been so well taught with so much gusto and bravado (since we were knee high) that high taxes were the first reason. The second reason was that we didn’t have representative government.

Well… Just Sayin’… if you ask me… THAT just ISN’T enough reason to go to war and have a million people loose their lives (OR 35,000). The reality was that although it seemed like there were high taxes in the colonies – it seems that taxes in England itself were not dramatically less. And no one in England had the luxury of representative government either! In fact almost no one in the world did! The Bible does not say that it is our God given right to have representative government. The Bible says that we should respect the government we have, be thankful for it – and pay our taxes. No one claims the British were the best, but they certainly were pretty much the first class of government in the time (yes, King George was a bust, but a lot of folks would say our current, sitting, and representative government is a bust as well!)

War is to be a last resort. I think that the great power of the ideas that the colonists had concerning government by the people and for the people would have won the day – eventually – WITHOUT war and bloodshed (Exhibit A on how that might have happened: Cananda).

I know I am being brave and rebellious (very funny!) here, but I don’t think I would have been a very good patriot in 1775. I would have been one of those looser red coat Loyalists! Thankfully I live in the 21st Century.


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