Affirming Confirmation

In some ways I have always been somewhat leery of what we in the church call “Confirmation”.

First of all – it ISN’T in the Bible.

Second of all – it isn’t some kind of magical thing that somehow sets you apart as a “special” Christian.

Third of all – I don’t think 5% people who are confirmed would have the slightest idea how to answer the question “What is Confirmation?”

Forth of all – sometimes I think it might actually do harm to a young person’s faith – rather than any good.

HOWEVER… even with these and several other “caveats”, this past Sunday’s service with our three confirmands was very wonderful and everyone was thrilled – including our young people. If nothing else, it was a beautiful time where we could celebrate and give thanks for our young people and “confirm” God’s Baptismal love for them – and ours. I know I was so proud of them and enjoyed our classes and sharing and FUN together in our Confirmation classes over our 2 year program. It was awesome! I am sad though that next year there is no one of confirmation age and I don’t know what I will do with my Monday nights! Maybe I just really need to get out on the streets FILLING my class! Will you join me? There are SO many kids out there who have NO church home or worship life. We need to spread the joy!


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