Rally follow up

Well. I suppose I miscalculated (big understatement) on my previous blog post concerning the Freedom of Religion rally! I usually have about 15 people read my blog who know me (i didn’t expect anyone else to read it, fool that i am!)

Now, if you did know me you would know I really am a nice guy and I love the Lord and his people. I really don’t relish being on the “outs” with folks (especially fellow christians) and I am not one to purposely be nasty. But if you know me you also know that I do like a good and happy debate and I usually tell things like I see them – without taking myself or any issue too seriously. I am not right all the time. No doubt about that! That is why I love being a Christian – a forgiven child of God.

Anyway. Thanks for reading my blog. I thought maybe I should take my previous post down if it causes offense. I certainly could have been more generous towards the speakers. I know everyone’s intentions were good and I do ask for forgiveness if anyone is offended. But I hold my ground on the issues I put forward. You don’t have to agree! And if you think that I was mean spirited I would ask that you don’t feel you have to be the same back! Believe me – I am on your side! 🙂

You can find the text of what I had written to speak in one of the comments of the previous post.

Thank you and may God give us much wisdom and even more charity.


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