The trouble with SEX.

Reading the headlines these days is just so amazing to me.

Herman Cain struggling to get past accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior.
Outrage over Kim Kardashian’s 72 day, 10 million dollar wedding.
Joe Paterno getting tons of pressure to resign or be sacked because he didn’t do enough to protect young boys from his coaching staff.
And then today I read that the director of the upcoming Oscars had to step down and apologize publicly because of this (from CNN):

When asked during a question-and-answer session about his newly released action comedy, “Tower Heist,” whether he rehearses with his actors before shooting a scene, Ratner replied, “Rehearsing is for f*gs,”

On the one hand I feel like I should be happy that so many people are getting God’s “just reward” for their perversion.
On the other hand I feel like “Wow… WHY do people get so riled up about this stuff?” Or is it just the media? I just find it so fascinating that people hold others to such a high standard while they themselves do whatever they want!

Whole bunches of other questions and thoughts come to mind, including:

  1. The prospect that Cain will most certainly loose his “moral right” to be a presidential candidate over inappropriate sexual advances (not that he actually ever did anything seemingly “worse” than be grossly offensive to those he most certainly shouldn’t have been: i.e. his subordinates) some 14 years ago is an amazing testament to the fact that there still is something of a national moral “conscience”. We still know that there are things that are right and things that are wrong.
  2. The consequences of sinful behavior can be devastating. Those consequences are not only eternal, but temporal! And we never know when they will come back to bite us – even if we, for a short (or long) time, “get away with it”!
  3. Sexual sin is just SUCH a problem for us as humans. How come the 6th commandment is so difficult for us?
  4. That a film director would have to resign for a single stupid comment is just astounding to me. The ramifications of what we say are incredible! The ramifications of what I (I!) say are incredible. Both for good – and for bad.
  5. Leaders ARE to be held to a higher standard than everyone else. This holds true in public offices – as well in the church. That is loaded with meaning for us as we PRAY for our leaders, both secular and spiritual… that they might be ABLE to stand up under the temptations of the devil and resist giving in to their sinful nature.
  6. Is there ANYONE truly worthy of high office? It is truly amazing that government even half works!
  7. Lord, please come quickly! Save us!

4 thoughts on “The trouble with SEX.

  1. AMEN! Yes, our standards are definitely odd at the least, and unfair at the most. Regarding Mr. Cain’s alleged actions: I believe the problem is more “intimidation” or “abuse of power” because his supposed actions were toward women over whom he had possible, if not real, power. He could see that one got a job, or another got a better one, etc.

    Notice, Mr. Clinton DID NOT get the boot from office, in spite of the above abuse of power….so, regarding Mr. Cain, it seems an obvious ploy to try to ruin his political campaign.

    Now, look at Joe Paterno ready to resign when he did nothing wrong, sexually….except maybe not take his responsibility seriously “enough”.

    Yes, there is an awful lot we humans have tied up in sex. You’d think THAT was what got us tossed out of the Garden of Eden. Nope. It was disobedience. Seems God created a WILLFUL bunch of humans….

  2. PS As usual, bad behavior sells, good behavior rarely does. I take hope in the fact that there have to be more folks doing God’s will quietly than there are not, in this society….

  3. Of course the accusations against Cain are politically motivated… but in the end it doesn’t matter. According to the latest gossip (!) Cain is telling more fibs to cover… one sin begets another… ugh!!!!

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