Thanksgiving for Christian hymnody

This morning for some reason I got sidetracked into reading the texts of over 40 hymns – in a hymnal of the Church of the Latter Day Saints. I guess I always wondered what their hymns were like. Although I have no idea what the tunes are like after just reading them, I guess I am just SO very thankful for the Christian hymn tradition that we have in our church. It is VERY plain to see just from the hymn texts that Mormons are very far from Christianity and everything it is all about. In reading through (pretty carefully) over 40 hymns there were only a couple mentions of sin, no mentions of the Holy Spirit, a few mentions of a general redemption (sometimes naming Jesus, but usually Jehovah), but NO mention of the cross or the forgiveness of sin – EXCEPT in the case of three Christian hymns that were included. Many of the hymns were focused on heaven and the hereafter. Joseph Smith was also the subject of quite a few hymns. I noticed also that there were very few biblical allusions or references. Perhaps there were allusions and references – but only to the Book of Mormon? And can I say it? They just did NOT seem very inspired or beautiful! Maybe I am just so biased by the hymns I have loved for so long, but I am GLAD, all the same, that I am a Christian and have SUCH a rich tradition of beautiful hymns!


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving for Christian hymnody

  1. OH YES,YES, YES!!!

    PRYAER OF SAINT FRANCES IS ON THE TOP OF MY FAVORITES!!!! AND TESTEMENT TO LOVE!!!!!please some time sing that song and put it on facebook video, please…..

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