Is Marriage Really Possible?

The big news these past days has been the marital infidelity of two high profile individuals… The head of the IMF was accused of acting not much better than a monkey, and then after ten years of keeping it a secret Arnold somehow thought it was finally the right time to reveal to his family that he had a child with a household staffer (or maybe he was just found out?)

You just HAVE to wonder about us as humans (and especially men?) What foolish evil lurks, ready at the slightest titillation, to simply throw away everything that God intended for us to have in a marriage. It is just stunning what making a mistake like these two men made can do. Both their families and their personal lives have just crashed to unimaginable depths… All for what? And you would THINK that these high profile examples would teach people a lesson? But most assuredly this parade of jokers will go on. And what is worse is that families like yours and mine, regular folks, will also continue to be devastated by marital unfaithfulness.

But the facts remain that, no matter what lies the Devil tricks us with, and no matter what lengths we go to dismiss the idea that marital faithfulness is something to value and defend and uphold, the truth of God’s purpose remains: that man and woman should be joined in a life-long, exclusive relationship. This is for the benefit of us personally as well as the society at large.

If you have been gifted with a marriage – take the time to crow about it. Make it important if you have been neglecting it. I know for myself sometimes going on a date or otherwise paying attention to my spouse does seem a chore and I would rather be doing other things… But personally, during these days of seeing our beautiful children grow up, I can see more and more how absolutely lovely marriage is. I am thankful for my wife and her faithfulness to me, and I pray that, keeping my eyes on Jesus, I might be spared any temptation whatsoever to compromise my vows of faithfulness to my God and my wife.

Yes, marriage is is good. It is holy. It is worthy. It is Godly. And it, most assuredly, is possible!


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