The Brains Have Fallen Out

Today’s Dear Abby describes to a T the modern parenting philosophy, which, most unfortunately, is destroying the true Christian faith in our country. Some people count this as a blessing of course. But however they might view it, it is an example of a world view that is completely untenable. Here is a sample of one of today’s letters:


DEAR ABBY: I would like to respond to “Agnostic Dad in South Carolina” (Feb. 16), who wondered about how to answer the inevitable “Is there a God?” question his children will ask. My parents had strong but differing Christian faiths. They compromised when bringing us up, and we went to the church nearest our home (another denomination). Further, when we were teens, they allowed us to “sample” other religious traditions to determine what would suit us best.

I became agnostic, and like “Dad in S.C.,” was unsure what to tell my son. My husband and I do not belong to any organized religion and didn’t take him to church as a youngster. Instead, we introduced stories from the Bible at bedtime, and allowed him to attend his friends’ churches when he asked to. More important, we showed him that all people are to be valued and that differences are to be respected.

Please note that in the view of this parent, religion is all about “what would suit us best….” What world view is this? It is the view that individuals are the centers of their own universe. It is the complete polar opposite of the view of the scripture. It is the opposite of the only common sense world view that, in fact, God is the center of the universe. The questions of religion have nothing to do with “what suits us best.” The quest to know God is the quest for truth outside of our own foolish opinions.

Of course I can’t really expect that an agnostic would raise her child as a Christian, but I guess I am frustrated that this attitude is not simply the standard line of agnostics, but almost everyone – even those who are “Christian”! The quest for the truth of God has been completely usurped by the dictate that “differences [in people’s religions] are to be respected.” From a couple of the other letters in today’s Dear Abby, it is perfectly plain that it really does not matter in the least if our children grow up Christians or not! As long as their minds are open and their brains have fallen out we are very happy!

What people are so oblivious to is that “religion” is the foundation of a child’s “world view”. A Christian’s faith matters. It matters because Christianity is based on the fact of Jesus Christ. It matters because it is true! It shapes our everyday life, our values and morals. But MOST OF ALL, a relationship with Jesus Christ MATTERS BECAUSE IT GIVES US A SURE HOPE AND SALVATION.

As Christians we need to be thrilled to share the blessed faith in Jesus Christ with our children. His meritorious work on the cross to win for us eternal life is the most precious truth that we can nurture in them as parents. May God so powerfully help us to make it the centerpiece of everything that we are and do as a parent.


One thought on “The Brains Have Fallen Out

  1. Read the “Dear Abby” this morning. WONDERED what you’d say! Personally, I really DIDN’T know what to say, at the time. If the parent(or parents) have no faith in Jesus, or a “lazy” faith (believe, but don’t practice), I’m kind of at a loss as to what to say. I can say what I believe, and will, every chance I get. Seems that in the spirit of “equality” many parents are not taking a stand, but letting a CHILD take the stand! Nothing beats parents TAKING kids to church. If they don’t/won’t, then I guess it’s up to the rest of us to try to fill that gap by taking them ourselves and/or sharing Jesus every chance WE get! WE NEED TO PRAY for strength to be bold, and for the salvation of our children, regardless of age!

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