Dear Editor: On Christian Education

This morning we hear that more Catholic schools are closing. As part of the staff of The Lutheran Academy, a small Christian school in North Scranton, my observation is that we have completely forgotten the higher aims of the Christian education that built both our Western Civilization and this nation. We have let the base values of secular society take over and doom our children to its slavery. We must ask ourselves what the purpose of education is. Who today can name a purpose for sending their children to school beyond getting them a job and “making it” through life with enough toys to make them “happy”? The Christian Church has historically been the great driving force in education. It’s goals have been Godly Wisdom, Eloquence, and Virtue. It has gloried in the study of the Arts and the Sciences because in them we see God’s beautiful handiwork and grow to appreciate Him. And it has believed that the purpose of education is that we might grow in God-given abilities – to humbly serve God by serving Mankind for good. For the sake of Christ, our children, and our nation, it is time for all Christian parents, churches, teachers, and school administrators to sacrificially and diligently work together and recapture the essence of Christian education. No doubt good public schools are necessary and very important to support. But we have a great jewel in our Christian schools – and a vision that goes so far beyond what a public school can offer. We dare not neglect the Christian education of our children.

Hopefully you will find this in the Letters section of the Scranton Times soon.


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