Dear Abby

Yes, I wrote a letter to Dear Abby today! Yes, I get easily distracted from the stuff I should be doing… sorry everyone!

“Dear Abby:

For the heck of it, I sometimes read your column. Often, of course, the letters have to do with the marriage relationship. You say on your website that you are trying to apply “Common Sense” to people’s problems, but I have been unsuccessful in determining the consistent “thread” or principle(s) behind your advice concerning marriage.

Sometimes I think you base your advice on the values and beliefs of the person writing. Then other times you make statements that seem to indicate you have certain basic values that you encourage people to stick to.

Could you please share with your readers your principles? And yes, that might include a description of what marriage actually is, it’s definition, (and no, I am NOT just trying to make a political hay over this) – and the privileges and responsibilities of the marriage partner.

When a person publicizes oneself as someone who gives advice, it seems to me you should be pretty explicit about where you are “coming from”. Don’t you agree?”


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