Let the Good Times Roll!

Here is a letter I just sent in to the Scranton “TIMES-Tribune”:

        I do subscribe to the Scranton Times-Tribune. Often times I wonder why. The media is not perfect and we can and do find many faults with it. However, it is very necessary to give credit where credit is due. I want to say a very hearty Thank You to The Times Tribune for its work on revealing the travesty of corruption taking place here in NEPA – the latest example being with the NEIU and Mr. Fred Rosetti. It makes me remember my exciting High School journalism class where we learned how to ask the right questions and were taught that good reporting can make an important and positive difference to society. I appreciate our local newspaper today because I know how fragile the future of the news industry is with the advent of the “free” internet news and the decline of paid news agencies. I wonder if people are recognizing that without subscribers and a healthy news industry this kind of investigative reporting that has influence over a wide portion of the population will most certainly be lost.
        So let’s hear a hurrah for good, fair, and hard nosed local news reporters who will never bow to sensationalization or “Yellow Journalism”, but who are dedicated to making a positive difference to our community by uncovering the truth and holding all our citizens accountable to the laws of the land and the promises they make. And don’t forget to buy your newspaper!


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