Wikileaks: Is Openness is Always Best?

The Wikileaks phenomenon is raising an important issue that we deal with every day of our lives. Today there is this idea floating around that being completely open about everything is always the best! There is a certain logic to this idea. It makes sense because half truths, lies, and secrets mean that there must be something nefarious going on. Why should anyone do anything that should be kept a secret? If you are going to do something – it had better be able to stand the scrutiny of others.

This is an example of what is so frustrating about living in a broken world. There really SHOULDN’T be secrets! We SHOULDN’T do anything other than the truly righteous acts which should stand up to the scrutiny of others. And we SHOULDN’T say anything about anyone behind their backs that we wouldn’t say in their presence.

But the reality is that because we live in a sinful world where communications and intentions are always misconstrued and the devil is always out to sow hatred and enemies at every turn, it is really important to know that there are times in which it is quite necessary to keep information from others. This goes for personal as well as international relationships.

There are many problems with this of course. What is the difference between lying and just not saying anything, or telling half the truth and not the whole truth? How much of our lives do we learn to live as an outright lie? The scripture warns against the deceiver. And does one’s INTENTIONS solve our problem? Is it true that if we have a good intention or a good end that we have permission to lie and deceive towards it? Do the ends justify the means?

In so many ways, no matter what we do, we end up in deep trouble and mired in sin. Often we are reduced to “Sinning Boldly” and trusting in the fabulous Grace of our Lord to overcome and forgive our sin. Life is often a choice between two evils. In this Advent time we Christians earnestly yearn for the Second Coming of the Lord and the end of all this madness and compromise of every good thing of God.

I suppose as we stumble our way through life – constantly coming face to face with decisions about what to say and not say, we most certainly want to do whatever we can to be honest and truthful in all things. Obviously if we ARE righteous in all our doings and think with the Christ-like mind we will certainly be faced with many fewer circumstances where we feel compelled to keep anything secret.

Finally, it is TRULY precious to know that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is very generous to us in sharing his heart of compassion and love for us as fallen humans. And as scripture states: God cannot lie about it! (Although yes, He does keep some things from us, this is only because we are INCAPABLE of conceiving the full mind of God.) The amazing thing is that we don’t have to spy and steal to know the heart of God. He has revealed it to us plainly in His Word that we might know His salvation! It is too bad we somehow like to keep this beautiful news a secret – as if we might be categorized as Julian Assange and have all the nations hunting us down if we leak it out!

Go ahead! Leak it! Tell the truth and nothing but the truth! Jesus is born! Jesus died! Jesus lives! In Him you can love and live – forever!


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