Death as a solution…

This day we heard a very excellent presentation at our pastor’s meeting by the Dr. James Lamb, director of Lutherans for Life”…

A couple things that he said peaked my interest:

1.  Death has established itself in our society as a solution to our problems – even more so than God!  If we have an “unwanted” or “problem” person, whether unborn or malformed or old and ill, instead of looking to and trusting God to help us find a solution we find it much easier to just eliminate the problem (person!) in death!

2.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is THE most powerful statement affirming the value and preciousness of Life.  God has personally and intimately formed each one of us.  Life is valuable not because of what our capacities are, where we live (inside or out of the womb, or in a nursing home), how much money we have or don’t have, or any outward condition we find ourselves in, but solely because God has both created and redeemed each and every one of us!

3.  We are a nation of believers in the god named “Godbut”.  We all say “I believe in God….. BUT…”  How sad to believe in a god that has so many limitations…   “I believe in God, BUT I can’t afford a baby”  “I believe in God, BUT the life he has isn’t worth living…”  How come we can’t just believe and trust God when he says something?

This evening Dr. Lamb spoke at Peace Lutheran concerning end of life decisions…  Tomorrow evening he will be speaking on Abortion…  A DVD will be available of these presentations here at Peace and at Immanuel.


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