The foolishness of burning Qurans…

I most definitely dislike the media as they feed the great fire that is burning our nation down with stories like the pastor who is going to burn Qurans, the Muslim holy book, on 9/11.  But of course we can’t blame the media for everything.  Ultimately it is the fault of this pastor Terry Jones and the unthinking folk of his kind that make this world a much harder place to live.

Of course, Muslims have no leg to stand on if they complain about this act.  Many wouldn’t think twice about a similar act of burning bibles in their own countries.  But that is, unfortunately, NOT the point.  The point is that this isn’t HELPING anyone or anything!   Yes, the Quran is a lie of the devil.  Burning them sends a definite message.  But it DOESN’T PROCLAIM THE GOSPEL!!!!!  What we REALLY need to be focusing on is somehow communicating what God wants all people to know:  The GOOD news of Salvation in Jesus Christ!  We need to somehow demonstrate the vast beauty and love of God in the cross – as opposed to their oppressive understanding of God as given them in the Quran.  Burning their holy books does not accomplish this!

It is like another email I got this morning from someone loudly blasting that unless WE get to build churches in Muslim countries, mosques shouldn’t be allowed to be built here in America.

CAN WE PLEASE GROW UP and act like adults?  We are all acting like three year olds!


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