Hymn: “The Family Tree”

Our sermon series called “The Family Tree” is finally over, and so is the verse writing!  Below are all the nine verses to the hymn.  I hope you enjoyed it!

HYMN: “The Family Tree”  by Rev. Kristian Bjornstad

(This hymn is set to the tune of “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.”  Its words were originally crafted to accompany a sermon series on the Christian Family, but they may be used however one would like.  The nine verses roughly follow LCMS lection themes for the first nine Sunday’s after Pentecost, series C.)

What a Tree to shade and keep us.
Ever strong for family.
Father, Mother, Sister, Brother,
Bound in fleshly bonds of love.
Beaten, worn and torn asunder
by the lying Evil One.
Bring us now under your shelter
Heal us by the Blessed Tree.

Calv’ry’s Tree to shade and keep us.
Grand enough for all to share.
Parents, children, kindred brethren
All together celebrate!
Children are a Godly blessing
Bringing happiness and joy
Treasure, love and nurture each one
Under His Redemptive Tree.

Tree of Life that nurtures families
Yielding us it’s lavish fruits;
Husband, Wife, they come together
Bound by holy vows of love.
Sharing life and every struggle
Joy and happiness are found
Giving, bearing and forgiving
Side by side under the Tree.

What a Tree to save all families
Beauty, strength with tenderness.
Roots implanted in the bedrock
Of eternal love and peace.
Hatred, strife and hurtful malice
Lay to waste our harmony.
Bring repentance to our hearts, Lord.
Grant our households one accord.

Blessed Tree o’er all things tow’ring
Sovereign over all the world.
Choose this day whom you will worship
Rich rewards are His to give.
Let devotion to our families
Never shame our Love for God.
Jesus’ won for us salvation –
Lift your eyes unto the Tree.

Shout for joy to God, you families;
Sing the glory of his Tree;
Come and see what God is doing
He is awesome in his deeds.
Godly families pray and worship
In their working gladly share
With the world a hope and gladness –
Bringing all under the Tree.

In the Tree we see God’s Glory
Suff’ring, pain and sacrifice
Brings release for contrite sinners
Pilgrims in a foreign land.
Free to be the Lord’s dear fam’ly
Living now as to the Lord.
“You shall walk in all my statutes.
This is true: I am the Lord”

Sacred Tree for gathered fam’lies
At the Master’s feet we share.
His the Gospel of Salvation
His the Way, the Truth and Life.
Lives distracted, anxious, troubled
With the cares of daily life;
Families heed the goodly portion
Never will its blessing fade!

Cherished Tree of Faithful Families
Under which our prayers are prayed.
Jesus hears our sighing whispers
Spoken from our wav’ring hearts.
Asking, seeking, and imploring
Christian families thrill to know
Under this same holy Christ Tree
Father God pours out His gifts.


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