Franklin Graham, Islam, and the Army

Just a quick note about a news item this morning about how the military is disinviting Franklin Graham to speak on its National Day of Prayer observances.  The reason?  Because it was realized that he had previously spoken out against Islam, including one time after 9/11 when he stated that Islam was an “evil and wicked” religion.

So, the question is, is Islam an evil and wicked religion?  In short the answer is YES in the sense that every other religion outside of Christianity leads individuals to worship gods other than the one true God.  This false worship is evil and of the devil!

Perhaps the more pertinent question is if Islam is any more “evil” than, say, Buddhism?  In the sense that it leads people astray from true worship of God, no it is not any more evil than any other religion.  However, the case COULD be made that because of its tenants as a more aggressive religion it IS more “evil” in the trouble it causes the world.

But it should be noted that we need to be praying for our freedom of religion and worship as the day might come sooner than later when faithful Christians who call evil for what it is will be disinvited to much more than just a military speaking engagement.

Come quickly, Lord!


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