What do I think of all the hubub of the global climate “emergency” being discussed in Copenhagen?

The big first question: “is global warming real?”

Probably… but perhaps not.

And if it is real, does it have anything to do with humans? Perhaps. Perhaps not. I am sure we have SOME kind of effect… it is just a question of how much. No one REALLY has any idea. I just read yesterday that the peat bogs of indonesia are drying up and burning and releasing significantly MORE Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere than all the vehicles of the world… The reality is that we probably don’t know even half of the forces that are playing on the atmosphere.

Do I think it is worth the effort to limit the damage we do to the natural world around us? Absolutely. We are given the world so that we might take CARE of it – not abuse it. Read Genesis 1.

But as much as I would like all the good intentions to succeed, in the end our best efforts are going to be puny compared with what is probably going to be needed to make a difference in the global climate. Although governments can play an important part in protecting the environment, it is more important to realize that personal decisions about our lifestyle are really much more effective in the long run than any government initiative.

Of course, for the most part, whatever is good for global warming is probably NOT what is most CONVENIENT for us. This will mean that we can’t really have our cake and eat it too. Because truly putting the environment first – above our “needs” and wants – is so difficult, it is really going to take a VERY long time to get out of the talking stage and make any headway.

I am betting that there is a great chance that Jesus will come again before we make any progress against global warming!


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