Jesus Christ for the Peace Prize!

Much debate has occurred over the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama. Evidently it really isn’t for what he has actually accomplished, but for the hope for peace that he inspires in the world. So be it! We all want peace in the world. And if this will inspire our President to even greater achievements – this will be all for the best.

In some of the info on the Nobel Peace Prize I was reading, it was indicated that there was only one recipient who was awarded the prize after he had died. However, in 1974, the rules were changed and only living individuals could be awarded the prize. Which got me all thinking…

Why hasn’t Jesus Christ been awarded the Peace Prize?

You say: “Because he is not living!”

But I say: “BUT HE IS ALIVE!”

With Obama’s award, it is clear that the judges for the Nobel are quite liberal in their considerations. How could they NOT consider Jesus of Nazareth? Who would dispute the fact that there has not been anyone in the history of the world that has said as many powerful and inspiring things as Jesus concerning Peace. I would hazard to guess that by far the majority of Peace Prize winners have based their lives on the words of Jesus Christ. That ALONE should qualify him! But then to IMAGINE that Jesus Christ actually ACCOMPLISHED something – a great and wondrous mystery – suffering and dying on the cross to MAKE PEACE between God and Man! He isn’t into negotiating! No silly cheap talk! He is in the business of MAKING peace – not by guns and bombs, but in the forgiveness of sins!


Someone find out how! Please!


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