Is the hatred expressed toward Obama caused by racism?

Just a short note on something that really bothers me a lot!

Some have been observing the hatred expressed in various ways toward Obama and reasoning that racism plays a big part.

No doubt, racism is at least partly the case. How much the case? It is hard to tell.

But however much a part of it racism has caused, it ISN’T the whole story.

What I observed, and spoke out about from the pulpit years ago, was the same kind of hatred being directed toward President Bush and the Republicans (in general). It was a kind of rabid emotionalism that is just not productive at all to making the situation in our country any better.

We don’t go around telling everybody that we hate out neighbor and spewing all kinds of false innuendo and swear words concerning them (at least we know we SHOULDN’T do that, anyway)… but yet this is what I would hear from my congregational members as they talked about their political foes and, yes, even the President of the United States!

So let’s cut the crap talk! It doesn’t matter which side of the political spectrum you are on: it doesn’t help to demonize your opponent!

For us to survive as a civilized society, we need to learn how to act respectfully – even when we disagree.


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