The “Christmas Spirit”?

Firstly I just want to express a TRUE expression of my heart:  Blessed Christmas to you and your family!

Jesus is truly the hope and salvation of the world.  He comes for the salvation of everyone!  In him is truly the face and love of God.  I pray that we all might trust in him for all good things and love him more and more in our hearts, minds and actions.

Having done this, now I would like to share a letter I am composing to the Editor of our Scranton Times Newspaper.

Dear Editor:

Thank you for the important service that your newspaper provides our community.  I probably don’t appreciate fully how “delicate” your balancing act of being an editor is, but I am struck again by how “Jesus-less” your coverage of Christmas is.  I reviewed carefully the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day issues of the Scranton Times and found absolutely nothing at all concerning Jesus Christ (except a full page ad by Topps Business Machines) – not even a cursory mention of, say, how “Christians celebrate today what they believe is the birth of Jesus Christ.”  Instead, there is always a plethora of space given to Santa and the “Christmas spirit”, which boils down to acts of kindness and making sure that every child has a gift to unwrap.  Not that acts of kindness are unworthy of mention and reporting, but is that ALL that makes up the “Christmas spirit”?  

To further illustrate your media bias, you run a front page article on the Christmas message of Pope Benedict XVI and the title of it is “Pope Benedict XVI appeals for ‘solidarity'”.  If one were to actually read the message you would find that its beautiful main point is Jesus Christ – that He is the savior of the world!  But, of course your “article” never even mentions Jesus Christ!  In a predominantly Catholic area, could I suggest that you would do a greater service by actually printing the FULL (eight paragraph only) text of the Pope’s message instead of some cheap and politically correct slant on it.  

No one is asking for any kind of favoritism toward Christianity in your reporting – just simply a plain objective reporting of it, please!

At this point, I am passing this letter by my fellow circuit pastors to see if they have any further suggestions or comments, but I would welcome any input from you as well.

But I have another challenge for all of us Christians as well:  that we give a clear witness to Christ at Christmas.  I think that probably the newspapers don’t print a lot about Christ at Christmas because we don’t talk enough about it ourselves!  If we are perhaps asked by a reporter why we are serving a dinner for the poor at Christmas, are we going to say “because that is what the Christmas spirit is all about” (or some other such meaningless statement) or are we going to explicitly SAY that we do it because giving is a reflection of the gift of Jesus Christ at Christmas?

Jesus is the reason for the season!  And remember that the 12 days of Christmas just started!


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