Newsweek and Illinois Politics

Just a quick jot and a couple excellent links.  

I opened my copy of Newsweek this last week and my mouth was literally agape at the contents of the cover story on “What the Bible Says abut Gay Marriage”!  I cannot believe such an article of misinformation (much less “news”) could be published.  Almost every line is crooked.  I wouldn’t be ragging if there was a SHRED of scholarship in the article.  There is none!  It is pure propaganda!  I thought about going through it line by line for you all in rebuttal, but Dr. Robert Gagnon has done a much better job.

BTW:  My subscription to Newsweek is up and I will NOT be renewing – and I let the editor know it!

As for the Governor of Illinois, we all have our mouths agape together at what appears to have taken place.  It is these kinds of instances which lead me to be so cynical about what goes on in the highest political offices of this not-so-great-as-we-think nation.  Here is the BEST essay I have read on this, hitting the nail right on the head as to WHY people can be so boneheaded and corrupt.  It is written by one of the Christians I admire the most, one who has BEEN THERE BEFORE.  Read it here.


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