Inspired by the Greatness of it ALL!

The beginning of the new year is always a bit of a “lull” for the church as a whole and its pastor. For me it is always a great time to “retrench” and clear off the desk and file cabinets, etc. This year I decided to tackle my library as well! Even before I came to Peace, I had categorized and labeled my whole library. However, over the years whenever I had gotten a new book, I threw it in the “new and un-catalogued” pile. It has grown over the years and it was time to deal with it all – and to go one step further with the cataloging by entering my books into a special library program on my computer. A great library is only as good as one’s ability to access it and search its contents…

Anyway, to make a long story short, going through each and every book in my library has been a long and tedious, but thoroughly exciting, endeavor! The thought that continually came to me as each book came off the shelf and presented itself to me was: “Wow! I forgot I had this! Wow, I haven’t thought of THIS particular subject or topic or problem for SO LONG!… THIS would have been so helpful to have pulled out when….”

I guess it has humbled me in a way… reminded me how VERY LITTLE I actually know. But further it has truly inspired me to be dedicated to the noble pursuit of wisdom and ALL the gifts of God for us.

One rather incredible side effect of this whole exercise is the ability to share what is IN my library with anyone! You can see my entire collection at this link: (high speed internet connection is pretty necessary!)
Unfortunately the library is not easily searched like on my desktop, but you might find something that would interest you just by browsing. I would certainly love to be able to lend you whatever is in my library! Just let me know!

My final thought on the library bit is how it “defines” who I am. There were several times when I probably should have thrown something away but I kept it. I have several books on the history of the Lutheran Church in Canada. When are those books ever going to be useful for me? Probably never, but yet the Canadian Lutheran Church is part of me. I put those books up very carefully and thankful to God for the part the Lutheran Church-Canada played in my life!

What a pleasure my library is!


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