Reflections on the state of the nation.

So… things are sorting themselves out these days after the election…

Is the nation better now that the voters have spoken? Perhaps!

The Republicans paid for their sins of corruption! Being in power is a difficult thing to manage for a long time. But woe to those who might think that Democrats are somehow immune to corruption!

Unfortunately, if the war was a major reason people voted for the Democrats, I suspect they might be very disappointed. The Democrats have never had a “plan” to get out of Iraq. They just complained about how bad the situation was and made out that they could somehow fix the problem. I somehow don’t believe the folks who say that the Republicans don’t want to get out of Iraq as much as anyone else. The Republicans knew that the war was unpopular and that it was sinking their party. If they HAD a good plan to get out, wouldn’t you have thought they would have put it into action with all due urgency? The fact is that the situation IS terrible, but there are NO easy answers! Obviously just pulling out of Iraq is the last thing any responsible leader would encourage… The country at this point would simply implode (or explode?) and who would come into the vacuum? IRAN or SYRIA! JUST the kind of countries we want tipping the balance of power in the middle east!

Like the church prays: “COME QUICKLY, LORD!”

The whole situation is a testimony to the fact that going to war (even for the right reasons) is usually not a great idea. The results are always much worse than we ever can foresee.

As for the rest of the story of a divided government, it seems to be shaping up for a bruising fight between the Dems and Bush. Whether anything can get done in Washington over the next two years we will have to wait and see, but I suspect not much!

As the saying goes (roughly): Democracy is absolutely a horrible form of government. It is just that the options are much worse!


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