Thoughts on the election and sinning boldly.

As always, the run up to the election this year has been trying on all of us. It will all be such a nicer place to live next Wednesday – no matter who wins the election! We all cry out: How can it get any worse? And then it does.

As Christians we can get jaded and despondent as easily as anyone. We look at the candidates and we can’t like any of them. We can reasonably argue ourselves out of even TRYING to figure out the issues and the candidates, much less actually taking the time to vote.

But Christian duty really DOES call us to do what we really don’t want to: participate in the governance of our land. We pray for peace and civility in our worship and hopefully in our daily lives. We all know that it is important. But truly, it is impossible to pray for an end and then not participate in what it demands.

The Christian vote is a vote not simply for a particular candidate or a platform or policy, but a vote for the participation of God in the governance of this land. In our democratic land, you and I ARE the hand of God to bring peace and justice to it. Praise God for it!

Finally, this past week at our Reformation Service, I quoted Martin Luther in his charge that Christians are to “Sin Boldly”. This is especially relevant in the elections coming up. There is no candidate who is really worthy of the call to public office. Every single one of them is sinful and a hypocrite. Our vote really is a choice between lesser evils. But we vote and participate in this sin “boldly” and with true hope in Christ’s already accomplished victory on the cross, the forgiveness of our sin, and the assurance that God works all things for good for those who are called by His grace to love and honor Him.

So vote! There actually is a pretty good (non-partisan) voter’s guide at the back of the church. We have the privilege to apply the just and righteous principles of God to our society in the best way we can. The Lord forgive and be with us all!


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