Ten new hymnals came to the office today for us to sample!

Searching my brain for something to write about on this blog, I asked myself what the “high” of my day was.

There were quite a few things that were great and life continues to be exciting for your pastor, but ONE exciting thing that happened was the squeal of the UPS truck outside the office window and the ”thump” of the large box of new hymals on my doorstep! Those who attended the congregational meeting last week were generally very positive toward the sample hymnal which had been sent to the church. After seven years of work the new hymnal of the LCMS has just been published. Our organist, Chuck Mercer and I were all pretty thrilled with it and those at the meeting were sufficiently impressed to vote that 10 of the hymnals be purchased so that the congregation could see and handle them before any major decision is made whether to buy them or not. They would be replacing our venerable ”The Lutheran Hymnal” published in 1941! In 1982 another hymnal (“Lutheran Worship”) was published by the LCMS, but over 1/3rd of the congregations of the LCMS never adopted it. There were some major drawbacks to the “Lutheran Worship” that this new “Lutheran Service Book” hopes to overcome.

The nice thing about the new hymnal is that it contains the regular liturgies (page 5 and 15) that we are used to, plus a variety of others as well, plus a whole plethora of new materials and hymns that we have never seen here at Peace.

Anyway, I do hope that you get a chance to check it out and see for yourself this great resource for the church here in the 21st Century. You can see more info about it by going to http://www.cph.org.

Thanks for tuning in to this first “WordPress” blog!


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